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                Verder Scientific 產品新聞

                Under the roof of VERDER SCIENTIFIC our five manufacturing companies support thousands of customers worldwide in realizing the ambition we share: Enabling progress. For the benefit of many.

                With our extensive knowledge in the fields of sample preparation, heat treatment and analysis of solids, we empower our customers to make progress. We provide them with the means to effectively and reliably design their processes, products, and services to become safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. Together, we make the world a healthier and safer place.

                Our latest product developments help you improve your quality control processes and gain valuable insights for product development and research.


                CARBOLITE GERO HTK 8 to 120 liter - advanced furnaces

                The high temperature furnace range HTK of Carbolite Gero consists of several metallic heated furnaces made of molybdenum and tungsten. These furnaces can be operated up to 2200 °C with hydrogen, nitrogen and argon, or even in vacuum, depending on the customer's requirements. The concentration of the gases is freely adjustable.

                The HTK 8 and HTK 25 chamber furnaces are widely used for indirect Additive Manufacturing applications. The usable space, precise temperature control and uniformity are beneficial characteristics for indirect Additive Manufacturing processes.

                Application examples: Thermal debinding, sintering, pyrolysis, synthesis, annealing, tempering.


                ELTRA Sample Loading Systems for efficient O/N/H analysis

                Safe and reliable automated O/N/H analysis with inert gas fusion analyzers can be a challenge. The ELEMENTRAC ONH-p 2 autoloader offers a convenient and speedy solution for the simultaneous handling of multiple tasks.

                While the upper part of the furnace requires a sample carousel for applying various samples, the lower part needs the placement and removal of graphite crucibles. With ELTRA’s new autoloader, you can load a batch of graphite crucibles and effortlessly install a fully loaded sample carousel in one swift movement, thus ensuring fast and efficient operation.

                ELEMENTRAC ONH-p 2 Autosampler utilizes

                • A sample carousel (exchangeable)
                • An integrated crucible magazine
                • An integrated waste magazine
                • A grappler for application and removing of crucibles

                Sample Carousel

                • 33 position for samples and /or flux
                • Easy application and removing of complete carousels

                Waste Magazine

                • For 120 used crucibles
                • Filling level sensor


                QATM For challenging cutting and grinding processes

                The Qcut 200 A is a compact cut-off machine for professional applications. It offers the highest possible flexibility with up to three automatic axes and a variety of functions for cutting and grinding tasks.

                Thanks to its modular design, the Qcut 200 A can be equipped and expanded with a rotation device and suitable clamping tools to achieve precise and reproducible results.

                Benefits at a glance

                • New precision guides for vibration-free cutting processes
                • Improved cutting quality due to efficient coolant distribution
                • Automatic cleaning function through integrated cutting chamber cleaning
                • Optional flow monitoring for sensitive samples
                • New software functions for thin section applications


                RETSCH RETSCH's most versatile ball mill with new features

                The MM 400 is a true multipurpose mill suitable for a wealth of applications: dry, wet and cryogenic grinding, mixing, cell disruption or mechanochemistry. The compact benchtop unit mixes and homogenizes powders and suspensions within seconds with a frequency of 30 Hz – it is unbeatably fast and convenient to operate.

                The completely revised model now offers features like
                • Graphic touch display for convenient operation
                • Up to 99 h grinding time
                • Storage of SOPs and program cycles
                • Calibration of speed/time
                • Suitability for in-situ Raman spectroscopy

                New accessories include transparent PMMA grinding jars which allow for in-situ Raman spectroscopy but also enable applications with photochemical reactions. These jars are resistant to a variety of chemicals. A new adapter accommodates four 5 ml stainless-steel grinding jars, allowing for processing of up to 8 samples. In contrast to the single-use vials, the grinding jars are also suitable for milling hard and brittle samples.

                A range of adapters for single-use vials and sample bottles provides for great flexibility

                • for 0.5 / 1.5 / 2 / 5 ml single-use vials
                • for 50 ml conical centrifugation tubes
                • for 30 ml wide mouth bottles


                MICROTRAC MRB Maximize your sorption analysis

                Microtrac MRB's BELSORP MAX X is the latest model in the BELSORP MAX series, offering small footprint, highest accuracy and maximized throughput. This high-precision gas / vapor adsorption analyzer can measure up to four samples over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. BELSORP MAX X is suitable to determine specific surface area, pore size distribution, gas and vapor adsorption as well as chemisorption.

                The instrument allows for comprehensive surface characterization, such as BET surface area and micropore analysis, by measuring the adsorption isotherms from extremely low pressures, organic vapor sorption or hydrophilicity / hydrophobicity characterization through water vapor adsorption.

                Benefits at a glance

                • Specific surface area range: 0.01 m2/g or more (N2) / 0.0005 m2/g or more (Kr)
                • Pore size distribution range: 0.35 to 500 nm
                • Advanced GCMC / NLDFT method offers higher resolution & more precise PSD analysis
                • IoT: Measurement status & results are sent remotely via e-mail notification system



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