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                Verder Charity: 25,000 € donation to Italian organization

                ALCLI Giorgio and Silvia supports cancer patients and their families

                Last Friday, an important ceremony within the Verder-Microdos company was held in Rieti, also known as “the pump valley”.

                In the presence of the institutions and employees of the international group specializing in dosing pumps, the CEO Andries Verder, directly from Belgium, and the CEO of Microdos, Alessandro Mostarda from Rieti, donated a check for 25,000 euros to ALCLI Giorgio and Silvia , a voluntary association for the fight against cancer, which has been offering free services for cancer patients for 35 years.

                At the ceremony, together with the employees, took part ALCLI'SBoard of Directors Giorgio and Silvia, the Regional Consortium Board of Directors Angelo Giovanni Ientile, the President of Unindustria Rieti, Alessandro Di Venanzio, the President of Piccola Media Company of Confindustria Rieti, Francesco Fuggetta, the contact person of CESV Lazio section Rieti, Paola Mariangeli, the Mayor of Rieti Daniele Sinibaldi and the Regional Councilor Claudio Di Berardino.

                "When Andries Verder chose among his companies for the traditional Christmas donation, he had no doubts in identifying ALCLI", explains Alessandro Mostarda, founder of Microdos, a company founded in 2006 which in just a few years has become one of the most solid companies in the sector of complete dosing systems and dosing pumps for various sectors and types of use.

                With over 70% of its turnover generated abroad, today the company is present in more than 50 countries and has doubled its turnover in the last three years. The Verder-Microdos company creates social as well as environmental values with the latest great innovation from Microdos: a device that uses water to purify water. An advanced technology based on the use of hydroxide ions and completely eco-friendly. Only other three companies in the world have created a similar system and between these 3 there is Microdos.

                The event began with a dynamic company tour held by the CEO Mostarda, who presented the company activities and the most delicate and strategic phases of the process: "If we don't wake up every day with the desire to do better and better, we risk succumbing to fierce international competition", commented Mostarda who, after speaking of the importance of research and innovation, lingered on the importance of personnel "who must be happy to work at Microdos". Along the walls of the establishment, the guests noticed many pictures of the beauties of Rieti which confirm the attachment of the entrepreneur to his own territory, despite it is a difficult place to do business.

                "We hope that a period of opportunities and investments will come here in Rieti, but today I want to say thank you to the entrepreneurs who have silently continued, despite everything, to create job opportunities and to strengthen the local economy. With regard to the ALCLI, I cannot add anything more, because we all know the important work has been carried out for many years by them in our area", declares the mayor, Daniele Sinibaldi.

                This was followed by the greetings of the Regional Councilor Claudio Di Berardino, who underlined the values that emerged during the day; corporate and social responsibility, a company that supports the needs of the territory, innovation, research, and internationalization. He ended up with the proposal for a conference on all the subjects discussed during the day to promote good practices and train and to communicate that also Rieti is able to be competitive in terms of research and innovation.

                Particularly moved by the generous donation, the President of Alcli Giorgio and Silvia, Santina Proietti, thanked Andreis Verder and Alessandro Mostarda for this "Christmas" gift that will be placed at the service of the sick people. "Thank you! It is the generosity of the community that has allowed us in these 35 years to help sick people, from the small gesture of buying a nougat or an Easter egg, a parchment, up to this donation that has moved us very much. Thank you to Mr Mostarda and Mr Verder for your sensitivity and generosity."

                "For us - added Proietti - every donation always requires careful planning. Every contribution and solidarity initiative has, over the years, been aimed at a service of which we give constant updates.”

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                抓住機會,成為Verder Scientific的一員。