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                NEW Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer with Dual Furnace Technology

                ELTRA's new ELEMENTRAC CS-d analyzer is suitable for measuring C/S concentrations in both organic and inorganic sample materials

                When using conventional elemental analyzers for carbon and sulfur determination in solids, the user must decide whether to use a resistance furnace to analyze organic compounds or an induction furnace for inorganic compounds.

                Not with ELTRA’s unique analyzer, the ELEMENTRAC CS-d which combines both techniques! Thanks to ELTRA’s Dual Furnace Technology, the user only needs one analyzer to examine organic matrices (such as fuels, oils, chemicals) and inorganic matrices (such as steel, ores, ceramics, glass) for their carbon and sulfur content directly without cumbersome sample preparation. The analysis time of the ELEMENTRAC CS-d is impressively short: analysis of steel, for example, only takes about 40 seconds; for coal it is about 90 seconds.

                Carbon and sulfur are measured simultaneously with an accurate infrared detection system. Up to four measuring cells can be customized according to the user’s requirements. Dual infrared detectors for C and S allow reliable detection of both parameters from low ppm levels to high percentages. 

                An essential part of the ELEMENTRAC CS-d is the the comprehensive ELEMENTS software with a central window as the starting point from which all functionalities required for daily tasks are easily accessible. The software provides features like statistics, groupings, reports or diagnosis tools.


                • Unique Dual Furnace Technology allows for analysis of organic and inorganic samples
                • Individual measuring ranges for C and S from low ppm levels to high percentages
                • Very short analysis time
                • User-friendly ELEMENTS Software
                • Automated sample feeding (option)
                • Robust design for use in production and lab

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