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                ELEMENTRAC CS-i: Precise & Flexible Carbon / Sulfur Analysis

                The new ELEMENTRAC CS-i was developed for accurate and reliable analysis of carbon and sulfur in inorganic materials like steel, cast iron, copper, ore, cement, ceramics, or glass.

                It uses an induction furnace for sample combustion as well as highly sensitive IR cells to determine C/S concentrations. The measuring range may be adapted to the user’s specific requirements.

                The robust ELEMENTRAC CS-i offers some new performance features which make the analysis process even more easy and convenient:

                • Freely selectable configuration of each IR cell
                • New vacuum system ensures higher measurement precision and stability
                • Heated dust trap allows for improved sulfur detection
                • Optimized catalyst reactor permits more accurate carbon detection
                • New ELEMENTS software with comprehensive diagnosis and analysis tools

                The ELEMENTRAC CS-i may be equipped with IR cells of different sensitivity for carbon and sulfur, according to the customer’s requirements. Unlike analyzers of other manufacturers, the CS-i is not only available in standard configuration with two IR cells for carbon and sulfur respectively, but also in individual configurations with single IR cells. Defined measuring ranges (for example, high carbon content in cast iron, low sulfur content in steel) may be freely combined thus allowing for economic configuration of the ELEMENTRAC CS-i.

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