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                Verder Scientific We take responsibility

                Alliance for science. And a better world.


                Alliance for Science - The Verder Scientific companies

                我們提供的不僅僅是 "優秀 "的產品

                Our aim is to provide our customers in industry and research with 100% reliable machines, state-of-the-art technology and the best service from one single source. To achieve this, we continuously keep track of the latest research results and listen closely to our customers’ requirements – on that basis, we proactively develop new solutions.

                We know: Satisfied employees are key to sustainable success. For this reason, we maintain an open corporate culture with flat hierarchies. We promote and support an even work/life balance, a friendly working environment and the professional advancement of our staff. Also, a good working atmosphere in our company is extremely important to us. Only through an intact corporate culture can we progress worldwide. Our DNA defines, how we work together as a team.

                We also pay close attention to the way we conduct business. Our code of conduct is a guideline for us and our customers by which we shall be measured. 

                Meet the people of Verder Scientific


                抓住機會,成為Verder Scientific的一員。